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Featured Flash Application
Download this FREE Drum Machine Now!This is a UNIQUE drum machine with drum beats of REAL drummers. Each beat is recorded by super drummers in a professional audio recording studio. Download the FREE Demo Version or get more infor at the QuickBeat Website.

Featured Flash Tutorial
This tutorial teaches you how to start and stop a movie clip. Click here for the file and if you want you can download the free FLA file. You can download the fla file and modify it to suit your needs.

Below you will find more excellent Flash tutorials. If you don't already have Flash and are not sure if you want to buy it, download a free trial version from the Macromedia Website. You can also download the free Flash and Shockwave Players from here so you can view Flash on the Internet.

Macromedia Flash MX includes the capabilities of implementing video, multimedia and other development features which allow the creation of rich user interfaces, creative online advertising, eLearning courses and enterprise application front-ends. Download Flash MX - Click Here.

Featured Resources
Quick Link

Flash Thief
Awesome site! Not only does it have complete Flash tutorials for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels but you can also download .fla files for free. Learn basic actionscript with a step-by-step model. Learn about setting variables, global & local variables, password login, preloader, scope of variables, sound in Flash, and lots more.

One of my most favorite Flash sites. Here you'll find many Flash tutorials, the latest Flash news, award winning sites and more. This site was created by a 17 year old kid from India, named Kirupa... Wow! You need to check it out.

CoffeeCup Firestarter
A quick and easy way to make Flash Effects for your Website. You can make Flash Intro pages, navigation systems, graphic logos, or whatever you want. Included is over 50 ready to use effects, MP3 sounds, and more!

Download Flash Player here. You can also download a free trial version of Flash 5 or if you already have it download the upgraded version for free.

Macromedia Flash Tutorials
Whether you're a newbie or an experienced designer in Flash these step-by-step tutorials will help you take advantage of learning the ins and outs of this software.

Flash 5 School
A step-by-step course on Flash. You'll be able to learn the basics with these tutorials.

Flash Kit
Offers tutorials for all levels but seems to focus on more advanced features of Flash. You can learn how to create games.

Flash Thief
CoffeeCup Firestarter

Macromedia Flash Tutorials
Flash 5 School
Flash Kit

ApeSmart Web Tools, Vol. 1
This Web resource package comes with 19 Flash 5/Flash MX Templates, 50 Stock Photos, and over 100 Vector ClipArt Images. These files are ORIGINAL and are ROYALTY FREE. Improve your Websites now!

19 Flash Templates
19 Professional Flash Templates (both the .FLA & .SWF files). You'll receive a Music Player, a Username/Password script, an entire Website Template in Flash, dragable menus, scrollers, a photo slide show, mouse trailers, and more! Once you receive these AWESOME FLASH FILES, modify them for your needs and pop them into your Webpages!

Limited Time Only!
9 Free Flash MX Templates

50 Stock Photos
Stop paying outrageous prices for stock photos! Take a look at some of the images in this Web Tools package. It's stocked with FRESH, HIGH QUALITY IMAGES taken from professional photographers.

These high quality photos are a great resource for Graphic Artists, Webmasters, & Marketing Departments! These images are perfect for Webmasters who want to have professional looking Web Pages, Emails, or whatever! Click here to view thumbnails and download a FREE Stock Photo.

Over 100 Vector ClipArt Images
You'll find that these images will come in handy when developing your Webpages. Everything from food to office supplies to animals to buildings, holidays and more!

CD-ROM Includes:
19 Flash 5/MX Templates
50 Professional Stock Photos
Over 100 Vector ClipArt Images

Bonus Extra!
9 FREE Flash MX Templates

ONLY $10
+ $5 Shipping Fee
International Orders Welcome...
shipping is the same for EVERYONE!

Do You Only Want the Flash Templates?
No, Problem... Download Now!

Download Includes:
19 Flash 5/MX Templates

9 FREE Flash MX Templates

Only $5
Download is a 9MB zipped file.
It is compatible on both Windows (PC) and Mac.

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