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Featured Article: Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Marketing
There are so many affiliate programs out there, it's really hard to narrow down the best ones. There are definitely things you should know and look for in order to work with the best.

Residual & Two Tier Affiliate Programs

High commissions are always desired, but what about commissions that keep coming in without additional work on your part? Residual affiliate programs pay you a commission repeatedly, usually every month. Once you have a customer, that customer is yours for life. Residual affiliate programs are an excellent way to make a consistent income without additional work on your part.

2-Tier affiliate programs are worth looking for also. Market to other webmasters who do affiliate marketing. Two-tier affiliate programs allow you to set up your own "sales force" and receive commissions on all the sales they make. As you can probably imagine this adds up pretty quick. The bottom line is that it's worth your time to search out top-notch residual and 2-tier affiliate programs.

Below are some great examples of residual and two tier affiliate programs:
1) ZenMed - commission rate is 30% and it's FREE to join!
2) India Herbs - Lifetime Customers... you earn 40% on all re-orders!
3) TheraBreath - Residual, monthly commissions
4) Calling Cards - 10% on ALL RECURRING Sales!

Good Affiliate Program Administration
Good administration is essential. Track anything and everything you can... you need to know where your sales are coming from, including your affiliate sales. Many affiliate programs offer full tracking services to help you determine successful advertising efforts. Being able to check click-throughs and sales keeps you on track to meeting your goals and improving your revenue stream.

Affiliate Marketing is Key!
Proven advertising materials are invaluable and it's your job to know and figure out what these materials might be. Many affiliate programs offer a huge variety of affiliates that will fit your website and sales needs... you just have to look. Whatever industry you're in, you can find an affiliate program with products or services that will complement yours. They are great ways to expand your product line without spending a lot of money. If you are looking for products to market, affiliate programs can be an easy way to test "best sellers" easily and inexpensively.

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